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Our Savory Pastries and Meat pies are baked with the traditional recipes brought from Scotland and made on our own premises with natural ingredients of top quality.

Scotch eggs, meat pies, Shepherd's pies, chicken pot pies, steak and kidney pies, sausage rolls, bridies, and Cornish pasties that deliver the authentic taste of home in every bite.

They are fully cooked and can be served cold or hot.

General heating Instructions: Place into a pan, leave for 10 minutes in a 350 degrees preheated oven.

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Scottish Meat Pies
Scottish Meat Pies Beef/ Each
Our Price: $4.00

Traditional Scottish Meat Pie. more info
Sausage Roll
Sausage Rolls / Each
Our Price: $4.00

An Angus beef sausage link wrapped in French puff pastry. more info
Chicken meat pie
Chicken meat pies / each
Our Price: $4.00

Ground organic chicken breast, spices, sea salt,  baked in a short crust pastry more info
Bridies / Each
Our Price: $4.00

A Bridie is made with Angus beef sausage meat with onions and wrapped in a baked puff pastry more info
Scottish Bean & Jack Pepper Cheese Pie
Scottish Bean & Pepper Jack Cheese Pies/ Each
Our Price: $4.00

Scottish Bean & Jack Pepper Cheese Pie more info
British pork pie
British Pork Pie / Each
Our Price: $4.00

British pork pie, made with chopped pork, pork jelly and natural spices. Traditionally served cold. more info
Haggis Rolls
Haggis Rolls
Our Price: $4.00

Haggis meat baked in puff pastry. more info
Lamb meat Pie mutton
Lamb meat pies
Our Price: $4.50

Minced (ground) lamb, spice and seasoning in a crust pastry. more info
Irish Pie Corned Beef Cabbage Mashed Potatoes
Irish Pie Corned Beef Cabbage Mashed Potatoes
Our Price: $4.50

Fresh corned beef and cabbage meat pie more info
Scottish Eggs
Scottish Eggs*
Our Price: $6.50

Scottish Eggs. Hard boiled eggs wrapped in beef Scottish sausage, coated in breadcrumbs and baked. more info
Savory Pastries and Meat Pies