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Sing With The Drums and Enjoy A Scottish Fare!
Highland Games in New York

It sounds like a line of the script of a medieval times movie but nothing far from reality since for most Scots that is the way to enjoy at the Highland Games in Scotland or in countries with major Highland games events like Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, New Zealand, Switzerland and in the United. (source Wikipedia)

The Highland Games in Scotland are traditionally held from May to September every weekend, during months when weather is nice, and people like to spend time in outdoor activities.

Like here, in the US, cities along different states hold Scottish Games as events to keep alive the Scottish culture, and they are attended mostly by Scots-Americans and their families.

The Highland Games in New York are in August the time when Scots celebrate together, although not just Scots from New York attend but Scottish families from all tri-state area.

Heavy athletic events, Highland dances, bagpipers, drummers, singers can be seeing at the games, with Scottish Clans, families and friends gathered around a single topic: the culture and tradition of Scotland.

meat pies, bridies  and Cornish pasties

Meat pies, bridies, Cornish pasties, sausage rolls, sausage links and scones are part of the traditional Scottish food served at Highland games.

But the truth is that some Scots donít need a special date or time to celebrate their cultural heritage; for them it is just part of their daily lives, they remember their roots on every occasion they can; through the year, on their own way in their own time. Because tradition is part of the historical heritage that Scottish keep through generations; that is the way they pass their legacy to younger generations of Scots anywhere they live.

Kilts, pipes, drums, haggis, shortbread and whisky are sweet words for every Scot; them represent a Scotlandís piece of time along with its fascinating history and accomplishments to the world.

Thinking about joining the celebration is a great start, but do not overthink; you just need to put on your kilt, take your bagpipe and play, sing with the drums and enjoy a Scottish fare!

Find your special place and celebrate!