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Traditional Irish Food
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Irish Cranberry Soda Bread
Irish Cranberry Soda Bread
Our Price: $5.99

Cranberry Irish Soda Bread more info
Donnelly Irish Back Bacon 8oz
Donnelly Irish Back Bacon 1/2 lb
Our Price: $7.99

Donnelly Irish back bacon 8oz (227g) more info
Irish White Pudding
Irish White Pudding / Rings
Our Price: $8.99

Rings of Irish white pudding per lb. more info
Pork Bangers
British Pork Bangers sausage 16 oz
Our Price: $9.99


British style pork sausage bangers. more info
Beef Sausage
Beef Sausage/ Sliced 16 oz
Our Price: $9.99

Scottish Lorne sausage sliced patties, made with Angus beef, Spices and sea salt Gluten free no preservatives. more info
Irish black pudding
Scottish / Irish SLICED Black Pudding 1 lb
Our Price: $9.99

Traditional scottish / Irish black pudding made in premises. more info
Scottish-Irish Black Pudding
Scottish-Irish Black Pudding 16 oz
Our Price: $9.99

Black pudding made with onions, barley, oats, spices, sea salt and Beef blood.
No MSG or preservatives.
more info
Barry's Irish Breakfast
Barry's Irish Breakfast tea 80
Our Price: $9.99

Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea 80 bags. more info
Irish Barry's Decaf tea
Barry's Decaf Irish Tea
Our Price: $9.99

Irish Barry's  decaffeinated tea. 40 tea bags. more info
Barry's Gold Blend tea
Irish Barry's Gold Blend 80 teabags
Our Price: $9.99

Barry's Gold Blend 80 tea bags. more info
Traditional Irish Food