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Traditional Irish Food
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Irish Pie Corned Beef Cabbage Mashed Potatoes
Irish Pie Corned Beef Cabbage Mashed Potatoes
Our Price: $3.75

Fresh corned beef and cabbage meat pie
Beef Sausage
Beef Sausage/ Sliced 16 oz
Our Price: $8.49

Scottish Lorne sausage sliced patties, made with Angus beef, Spices and sea salt Gluten free no preservatives.
Beef sausages links
Beef Sausage "LINKS" 16 oz
Our Price: $8.49

Homemade Scottish style sausage links made with Angus beef and natural spices, sea salt, Gluten free no preservatives.

Tips for grilling beef links sausage
Place them on the sides of the grill and not directly over the flame; this will hold flavor and juices in sausage. Temperature of a full cooked sausage must be 160 Fahrenheit degrees.
Pork Sausage Links
Irish-Scottish Pork Sausage links 16 oz
Our Price: $8.49

Irish-Scottish style Pork sausage in natural casing, spices, sea salt,  Gluten free no preservatives.
Irish White Pudding
Irish White Pudding / Rings
Our Price: $8.99

Rings of Irish white pudding per lb.
Scottish-Irish Black Pudding
Scottish-Irish Black Pudding 16 oz
Our Price: $9.99

Black pudding made with onions, barley, oats, spices, sea salt and Beef blood.
No MSG or preservatives.
Barry's Gold Blend tea
Irish Barry's Gold Blend 80
Our Price: $9.99

Barry's Gold Blend 80 tea bags.
Chicken Shepherd's Pie
Chicken Shepherd's Pie
Our Price: $9.99

Chicken Shepherd's Pie Scottish style.
Barry's Irish Breakfast
Barry's Irish Breakfast tea 80
Our Price: $10.99

Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea 80 bags.
Traditional Irish Food