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Favorite British, Scottish & Irish Food for Father's Day
Celebrating Father's Day 2020

The third Sunday of June we celebrate Father's Day. It is a day dedicated to honor and recognize dad's hard work and love for his children. In normal times families gather to give dad presents sharing delicious food at the dinner table.
Although these difficult times of COVID-19 we still can make him feel great at Father's Day with his favorite food.
We have selected British, Scottish, and Irish most popular food we think dad will love to enjoy on his day. Here they are!


Full English Breakfast

Make dad's morning a delightful time with an authentic Full English breakfast served at bed: Beef sausage links, black pudding, fried eggs, fried tomatoes, toasted potato scones and HP sauce.

pork pies

Pork Pies with Irish Mustard for Lunch

Take advantage of nice weather in June for outdoor activities. Surprise dad with pork pies and Irish mustard for lunch, while he enjoys a cold beer in the backyard.

scotch eggs

Scotch Eggs (special order)

A traditional snack from Scotland, Scotch eggs can be als a tasty appetizer for dinner. Serve Scotch eggs sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and accompany with pickles.

black pudding breakfast

Black Pudding Breakfast

A delicious and way to star his morning with a breakfast full of protein and flavor. Grilled black pudding, grilled beef-links, fried eggs and tomatoes and HP Sauce.

grilled bangers

Grilled Pork or Beef Sausage

Baked or grilled Pork or beef sausage with gravy. If serve them over mashed potatoes it become the traditional British dish named Sausage and Mash.

Stewart's shortbread


Shortbread made of flour, sugar, and butter with a unique taste from its dedicated baking process. Shortbread is present in most celebrations where the Scots are involved, and Father's day is the perfect occasion to surprise dad matching his favorite whiskey with a piece of shortbread after dinner.

Happy Father's Day 2020!