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The Best Mother's Day Celebration Idea
Sunday, May 13th is Mother's Day 2018

The month of May brings about the observance Mothers Day, a holiday celebrated by people of every background in America. Traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday in May, Mother's Day honors the dedication and sacrifice of all mothers.

The first Mother's Day was held in memory of Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis; a West Virginian mom who lived between 1832 and 1905. Her work as a mother, activist, pacifist and Sunday School teacher changed countless lives and transcended her own role as a mother. Her family values and commitment to her community inspired many people in her footsteps; leaving an indelible mark on her family, friends, and community for years to come.

A mother's mission is not limited to her own family, rather a constant source of devotion and love to her community. As a role model and constant source of inspiration, her job is to guide a future generation to embrace important values and virtues such as sacrifice, self-dependence, and love.

The mother is the home's pillar, dedicating boundless time and effort to care and discipline her children during their early years, as well as guidance through their whole lives. A mother's concern for her family transcends her household when she gets involved in her children's activities; going above and beyond her call of duty when protecting and providing for her loved ones.

Like Mrs. Jarvis, many other mothers across America are unsung heroes who deserve recognition for an often thankless job. Ana Jarvis, Mrs. Jarvis' daughter, created Mother's Day to honor not only her mother but all mothers across the country and world.

Phyllips Stewart
Mrs. Phyllis Stewart
Image: Patty Stewart Adams

And finally, If running out of ideas for a mother's day present, remember that even she loves to get flowers, chocolates, or a beautiful card the gift she really wants is her children's love.

Mother's day is the opportunity to show mom our respect and love giving her the time and care she deserves.

Happy Mother's Day!


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