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March 17th Saint Patrick's Day Celebration With Irish Food
Joining the traditional Irish Holiday

Every year on March 17 St. Patrick's Day celebration is the most traditional Irish festivity that welcomes everybody to join.

Who was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick a Christian missionary of the 5th century became bishop of Ireland and later called Apostle of Ireland. Patrick was born in Roman Britain in 387 AD into an affluent family. At 16 years of age, he is captured by Irish pirates and brought to Ireland as a slave. He grew up as a shepherd learning the ways and rituals of the Celtic druids. After six years of captivity, he flees from his captors and goes back to Britain to continue studying Christianity.

In his missionary work, Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity to pagan Celts converted to Christianity. In 461 AD, after his death in Saul, Downpatrick, Irelan, Patrick he was named the primary Patron Saint of Ireland

There are legends and stories attributed to Saint Patrick like The Magic Fire, The Celtic Cross, Saint Patricks Breast Plate, and Blackbirds on Croagh Patrick.

Among them, Banishing the snakes and The Shamrock are the two most popular Saint Patrick s legends.

Irish Parade In NYC and Around The World

Saint Patrick Day turned into a big celebration with the first Irish Parade held in the United States in 1762.

Currently, the New York Irish Parade, the largest Irish parade in the world, is an annual event gathering around 150,000 participants, between pipes and drums bands, traditional musicians, schools marching bands, colleges, and Irish associations.

Institutions like NYPD,
The Emerald Society, and local authorities participate in the event that takes place every March in Manhattan.

The parade starts at 11 am and goes along Fifth Ave, from 44th East Street up to 79th East Street finishing around 5 PM.

Saint Patrick's Day In Ireland Is A National Holiday.

In Ireland, it is a National holiday and families celebrate gatherings and attending worship services. Since November 1995, the Ireland Government established the St. Patrick's Festival, a week of Irish culture celebrations in Dublin.

Other cities performing important Saint Patricks Day Parades are Boston and Chicago in the United States, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Belfast in Northern Ireland, Munich in Germany, London, Manchester and Birmingham in England; Monserrat in the Caribbean, Sydney in Australian, and Tokyo in Japan.

corned beef and cabbage meat pie
Corned Beef and Cabbage Pies - Image:

Saint Patrick's Day Parties and Irish Food

At Saint Patrick s events, green is the synonym of Ireland and the characteristic color. Wearing the Claddagh, the symbol of Ireland, a shamrock beads necklace, or any green clothes makes anyone part of the celebration.

At the Parade's surroundings, Irish bars, and restaurants get packed with enthusiastic people attending the event. Corned beef & cabbage is the traditional dish served on Saint Patricks Day and beer the official drink for the occasion.

While some people celebrate out, other stay home enjoying their favorite Irish food cook like Black pudding, Pork sausage, Shepherds Pie, Corned beef & cabbage pies, Potato scones or baking the delicious Irish Soda Bread and shamrock-shaped cookies. No matter the way, in a sense, everybody is welcomed to partying at Saint Patricks Day


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