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Scottish-British Food at Christmas and New Year’s Eve
What Do Scots Eat For Christmas And Hogmanay Celebrations?

On December days and weeks seem to run faster waiting for Christmas and the arrival of a New Year. The city and its suburbs show the glow of the Holiday's lights turning the festive atmosphere and it is when people think of resolutions for the New Year. Many still working on their Christmas shopping and carols' melodies sound ubiquitous.
Neighborhoods' decorations show Christmas light displays, inflatables of Santa, snowman and Nativity scenes. At houses' interiors, Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, stockings, figurines, and ornaments give life to the celebration. While December 25th approaches, families get all the necessary, planning for Christmas dinner.

Most Scots and Britons abroad, want to stick to the traditional way when planning a Christmas dinner. Prawn cocktail smoked salmon and depending on the weather, coriander or Cock O Leekie soups are favorite starters.

Haggis traditional & vegetarian
Haggis-Stuffed Roast Turkey Recipe - Image from

Roast turkey is the traditional main course. However, a variation on the turkey stuffing, made with haggis, is a great idea for enjoying a turkey dish. Brussels sprouts, carrots, pigs in a blanket and Yorkshire puddings are part of its decoration. Served at the table including gravy, tatties and neeps, cranberry sauce, black pudding, and soda bread.

Dishes like Roast Pork, Glazed Ham, Roast Angus Beef, Steak pie, Roast Leg of Lamb are also served at the Christmas dining table.

For dessert, the most traditional is the Christmas pudding, usually served with brandy sauce cream. Bakewell's, fruit mince pies, shortbread and the Scottish Iced Christmas cake are other sweets also served during Christmas Day.
Since the menu is ready the next step is taking care of the dining room finding Tartan designs for the table settings; that will get a warmer Christmas look. A red plaid tablecloth, napkins, tartan table runner, utensils dishes, glasses and Christmas crackers are the few things to add to our shopping list.

It is better to plan our Christmas and New Year's Eve celebration in advance, especially If staying at home; Steak Pie is a tradition that most Scots enjoy at Hogmanay parties and celebrations.


Anatomy of a British Christmas Dinner

Traditional Scottish Christmas Dinner