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A Memorial Day Tribute From Kearny New Jersey
Honoring those who helped to build the history of the United States. On May 28th we will remember and honor the brave men and women who sleep the dream of Glory

On the last Monday of May, the United States celebrates Memorial Day and a special tribute is given to those who fell in combat defending our Nation. Since the history of the United States as an independent Nation started, many courageous American men and women in uniform gave victories to our country at the cost of their lives. The list of war heroes makes America proud, and there is an anonymous heroes' list that will never be published, however, it lies in the memory of the country's history.

Monument to Scottish heritage in Kearny NJ
Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and opens the beaches' season in New Jersey and nearby coastal states; ending the first Monday of September in Labor Day. BBQs are a tradition on Memorial Day Weekend. Food like Scottish sausage, beef links, pork bangers, and meats are highly requested. For children hotdogs, hamburgers and desserts with blueberries and cherries are among favorites.

People tend to spend that day with family and friends in their backyards or at the beach, especially when there is a place to stay. After all, children and kids are out of school and summer is just beginning!

History And Origins of Memorial Day
History Of Kearny - New Jersey