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Scotland Is The Home of Golf and Haggis
Enjoying Scottish Culture And Food

Scotland is the country of castles and legends, and it is synonymous of golf, whiskey and haggis. Scotland's culture and history are enthralling as well as all the inventions attributed to the Scots. One of the greatest inventions attributed to Scots is Golf; the great game loved by millions around the world.

History tells that In the 1400's, people at the Netherlands played a game named Kolf, similar to golf. At the same time in England royals and civilians used to have a pastime known as Goff. Both games consisted of hitting a ball with a stick from a starting point till another finishing point previously set, and usually were played from village to village.

Golf course in Scotland
Golf course in St Andrews Scotland - Photo:

In Scotland, a similar game named Gowf turned so popular among the people of St. Andrews, Leith and Aberdeen, that in 1457 the Parliament banned playing on Sundays. This was due to that practice of archery was being neglected by military people who expended long hours on the game.

It was on those rolling sandy links on eastern Scotland the game started. To cleeks and balls, Scots added a component that would make the game uniquely theirs: the hole. Since then, the game started to transform and improve until it became the great game Golf, known and played by millions around the world.

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