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Burns' Night Celebration - The Closest Way Home
Robert Burns' Supper

Burns' Night commemorates the life and legacy of Scotland's favourite son. This traditional celebration is held on January 25th. Robert Burns is also known as the Ploughman Poet, the Bard of Ayrshire or Robden of Solway Firth.

Many Scottish organizations in New Jersey, New York, Maine, Vermont, Utah, New Hampshire, Oregon, Wyoming and Idaho with the larger Scottish-American populations in the United States prepare celebrations, as well as Scottish-Irish families established in Connecticut, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Haggis is the icon of Scottish Cuisine and the main element at Burns' Supper. It is traditionally served with tatties and neeps (turnips and potatoes), preceded by a starter like Scotch broth or cock-a-leekie soup. Bagpipes playing songs and selected poems that Burns wrote like: 'Selkirk Grace', 'Address to a Haggis', 'Immortal Memory', the 'Address to the Lassies' and of course 'The Reply from the Lassies are part of the Haggis' Ceremony.

Haggis at Burns' Supper
Haggis is a dish of Traditional Scottish Cuisine

Burns' Night is for the Scottish Diaspora a way to feel home, and an amazing opportunity to show fellow young generations of their Scottish cultural heritage. For the world, Robert Burns is an example of love, gratitude and admiration for the homeland.

Next January 25th, take a chance to celebrate Burn's Night and feel Scotland in your heart.

Gie her a Haggis!