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Scottish Soups and Creams
Traditional Scottish Soups for Winter Season

It is winter again and cold temperatures drive us to enjoy indoor-activities at public places or just stay at home watching our favorite tv show.

A good way to stay warm is consuming high-calorie meals or hot beverages like chocolate, coffee, and tea or soups and creams which are healthy and delicious choices.

The traditional Scottish cuisine has a variety of soups that are part of the daily menu for Scots and also for English and Irish people who have adopted Scottish soups as theirs. The thickness, full-flavored and hearty flavor of traditional Scottish soups are good reasons to keep them in mind for a healthy meal.

These delicious soups are present at every Scottish celebration along the year, like in January Cullen Skink is served at Burns Night.

Other traditional Scottish soups are Baud Bree, Cock-a-leekie, Game soup, Hairst Bree or Hotchpotch, Partan bree, Scotch Broth, Lentil Bro, Bonfire Warmer, Haricot Bean Soup, Potato-Leek-Mushroom, Highland, Chicken Soup, Golden Vegetable Soup and Scottish Oxtail.