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Hogmanay The Scottish New Year's Celebration
How Do Scots Celebrate Hogmanay?

Hogmanay is celebrated the last day of the year with customs or rituals that people do in different parts of Scotland as a popular way of saying good-bye to the year that is finishing and hello to the new year.
A traditional Hogmanay's custom is the Fireball Swinging Ceremony that takes place in the town of Stonehaven located north-east cost of Scotland. Burning the Clavie, is other ancient custom still observed in the town of Burghead, as well is the Cake Day; celebrated on New Year's eve when bakers from the town of St. Andrews baked special cakes for local children.

Other performances that recently added are Fire Poi and Pipe bands. Like in other parts of the world, important Scottish cities like Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh celebrate Hogmanay all night with entertainment for the multitude of attendants.

Traditional Scottish food hearty dishes delighted on New Year's Eve are: Cock-a-Leekie Soup, Venison Pie, Tatties and Neeps and Haggis which is Hogmanay's favourite meal.

Whatever be your style of celebrating New Year's eve, in Scotland or United States be sure to have your resolutions written when singing Auld Lang Syne before the New Year starts.

Happy New Year 2018!