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Autumn Dinner Ideas with British Flavors
British Cuisine Dishes in Season

It is the last day of September and the warm colours of this season are all around showing beautiful landscapes and pleasant weather. The beauty of Autumn brings not just the winds of renewal but the opportunity to enjoy the seasonal harvest through our favourite flavors.

The Traditional British cuisine is characterized by its simplicity and high-quality ingredients. Meats like Angus beef, Rose veal and Welsh lamb as well as Atlantic salmon and fresh seafood give to this cuisine a high nutritive value, without mentioning potatoes, vegetables and beans.

British gastronomy includes varieties from English, Welsh and Scottish cuisines; however, Irish gastronomy due to Ireland's geographical location is also included in this category for most people. In the same way, British cuisine was influenced by the interaction with other cultures like French, Chinese and Indian. This is noticeable on the preparation and species used on dishes as Chicken Tikka Masala that is one of the most popular in England.

We have selected regional dishes from the traditional cuisines of UK as Glamorgan sausage, Cornish pasty, braised faggots mashed potatoes and peas , roast beef-Yorkshire pudding and Dublin coddle as our Autumn ideas for dinner at your table.