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British dishes Ideas for Dinner
Pork & Sausage-British Cuisine

Cooking for a special occasion or just for a dinner with family can be a challenge of creativity, time and budget. We run out of ideas when our routines and a busy schedule take over, not being able to enjoy the pleasure we get out of our favourite British dishes.

British Pork Pie & Salad

Traditional British cuisine is recognized by quality and ingredients coming from the produce of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England valleys. Most of their dishes contain fresh meats, boiled vegetables, and of course, potatoes. However, the British cuisine was influenced by curries and spices brought from India, Bangladesh and other Asian and North American countries.

Toad in a Hole

In traditional and contemporary British cuisine there is a variety of dishes made with pork meat and sausage; below is a few of them:

Bangers & Mash
Source: SeriousEats.Com

As you can see, the list fits all tastes. Accompany your favourite dish with a delicious salad or side dish, and do not forget the traditional British drinks brands like IRN-BRU, Blackcurrant Ribena or Robinson's barley water! You will feel at home!