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Scotch Meat Pie, A Staple of Traditional Scottish Food
Scottish and British food in the United States

Scotch pie, the Scottish food staple, is the king of the traditional food of Scotland and so popular as Haggis among Scots living in the US who keep their traditions and pass it to younger generations of Scottish-American.

History tells that the Scotch pie was originating in Scotland, although popular all over the United Kingdom, perhaps by his unique flavor added to the easiness to take it, eat it and go.

Scotch pies Stewarts Kearny NJ

The Scotch pie is a small double-crust filled with ground beef, spices, topped with a soft crust and baked.

Scotch meat pies are good as snacks or appetizers and are found at every Scottish celebration. The custom way to enjoy them is with HP Sauce, but, adding a side of baked beans and chips makes it a delicious meal good at any time of the day.

Scotch pies, beans & chips, hp sauce
Scotch Pies and Beans & Chips and HP Sauce

In the United States, Scottish food is popular in estates with a large population of Scottish descendants like New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, New England, Georgia, North-Central Nova Scotia, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, North Caroline, South Caroline, Georgia.

However, this popular Scottish pie keeps among Scots through generations in every place around the globe where Scottish hearts are.