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Autumn Scottish Food for Lunch Dinner and Teatime
Scottish and British traditional food

On a September morning the first pumpkin sprout showed up at our building backyard. Yes, Autumn arrived and with it the changing season bringing abundance of produce and meats from the harvest.

That is why earthy dishes and pumpkins are signatures of the season but the last come in different shapes and sizes like announcing shorter days and longer nights and the time of the year for indoors activities.

And as the leaves tumble-down everybody goes back to warm clothes and to eating succulent meals.

Decorating is important
to take in the beauty of the season specially when finding the 'perfect pumpkin' for your place. Although each harvested pumpkin adds making Autumn the most colorful season of the year.

Autumn invites to spend more time at home with our favorite food. Here we suggest meals prepared with traditional Scottish recipes good to enjoy at dinner, lunch, or teatime.

Smoked Salmon Salad for lunch or as a starter

Autumn Lamb Shepherds Pie as a main course

Scottish blend tea with scones and jam for teatime.