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Merry Christmas
Christmas greetings from The Stewart's Scottish Market Team

It is December and the festive feeling is all around. People rushing to prepare themselves for the holidays, thinking of the Christmas dinner and presents for their love- ones; before the New Year Celebration with its own traditional resolutions and promises. What would we be without this time of the year that warms our hearts and remember us of the real meaning of family and friends? We believe it is also a good time for sharing flavors and customs inserted in our heritage, this kind of connection that allows us to spread the insights of our Scottish culture. In Stewart's Scottish Market we know this uniqueness. The importance of delivering quality Scottish delicacies captured in every bite of our products. We appreciate you made us an important part of your celebrations along this year.

For that reason we want to tell you "thank you very much", promising you to keep doing our best to deliver your favorites always in time with the freshness you love!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Stewart's Scottish Market Team